GOSH – unstoppable ecosystem

Our entire ecosystem is designed so that all our features work to help the chart of all tokens of the Guilds of SuperHeroes.

Why Us ?

GOSH is a community-driven, interactive De-Fi ecosystem.

You might ask yourself, what makes GOSH so special ?

GOSH is a complete Decentralized Autonomous Ecosystem working to help the chart in the long run and allow healthy and exponential growth for all reward tokens and NFTs of the ecosystem.

Join the community that gives you no false promises, unlimited opportunities through our exclusive ecosystem, our DAO Community wallet, our awesome lotteries, our P2E game and all our future features !

Become part of the GOSH amazing community and see your assets moon !

GOSH ecosystem will be composed of the following features, some already available

Mint a SuperTRX NFT, and become a GOSH DAO member to unlock different benefits:

gOSH NFT collections

SuperTRX NFT is an exclusive & limited NFT collection released on the Binance Smart Chain and the first collection of GOSH Ecosystem.

The collection consists of 3,000 unique SuperTRX NFT generated with more than 150 different traits, which is the entry ticket to become a GOSH DAO member.

GOSH DAO is a community-ran investment platform where GOSH NFTs holders can create investment proposals, vote, and decide on the use of the treasury initially founded with 50% of funds received at mint.

Funds raised at mint will be used in this way:

0 %
GOSH DAO Community wallet
0 %
Buy-Back & Burn $SPTRX token
0 %
Marketing & Development

our guilds

Each NFT is unique and part of a one of our 11 guilds divided into 4 different rarity levels


  • Guild Aquamarine 462
  • Guild Carnelian 478
  • Guild Peridot 410
  • Guild Pearl 445


  • Guild Citrine 239
  • Guild Amethyst 229
  • Guild Onyx 241


  • Guild Sapphire 165
  • Guild Emerald 125
  • Guild Ruby 148


  • Guild Diamond 58


GOSH DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization and will be a place to lodge investment proposals and vote on them on a gated section of GOSH website where only GOSH NFT holders can access.

We will invest through GOSH DAO Community wallet into large yielding assets like multichain farming, blue chip NFTs, promising altcoins and others high yield assets.

Voting Rights

Voting Rights for GOSH NFT holders will be based on:

– The total number of NFTs you hold

– The guild to which your SuperTRX NFT belongs

Holders of NFTs will be asked to vote about:

Weekly lotteries

Weekly Lotteries to give our NFTs holders a chance to win a prized funds accumulated from all transaction of $SPTRX token and future tokens of GOSH ecosystem.

0 %
of each buy transaction is swapped in BNB and sent to Lottery wallet
0 %
of each sell transaction is swapped in BNB and sent to Lottery wallet


Just hold $SPTRX or/and at least 1 NFT and you will have a chance to win a prize.

Each Guild will have its own winner!

Multiply your chance by becoming members of several guilds by purchasing our NFTS.

Funding structure

Initial funds of GOSH DAO will consist in 50% of the funds raised from the mint of SuperTRX NFTs and will continuously grow through:

Benefits offered to GOSH DAO member:

Profit split

Profits made by our investments will be distributed through monthly dividends as follows:

More NFTs and $SPTRX you hold, more you receive dividends !


  • We invested 50 BNB in a new farming project for 2 months at thousands % APY.

Profits made will be distributed through monthly dividends as mentioned above and original funds will be reinvested in same project or another one following a new vote.

  • One NFT holder open a vote for an investment proposal, our NFT holders vote to invest and we invest in this project.

At any time one of our NFT holders can open a new vote to know if we sell, keep or why not invest more.

If NFT holders vote to sell, profits are distributed as mentioned above and original funds spent will be reinvested in another project chosen by our holders following a new vote.


GOSH Ecosystem will include dozens of Superhero rewards tokens in our alliance supporting each other to increase value in the long term and making each token in the ecosystem better reason to hold.

When a new token launch, these tokens includes exclusive features to help all tokens of GOSH ecosystem :

0 %
tax in buy transactions to grow GOSH DAO Community Wallet
0 %
taxes in sell transactions to grow GOSH DAO Community Wallet
0 %
tax in buy transactions to buy-back & burn and burn all tokens of the ecosystem
0 %
additional taxes in sell transactions to buy-back & burn tokens of the ecosystem

This special features are specially designed to increase price of all tokens of the ecosystem and expand «GOSH» brand & users base.

SuperTRX is the first member of our Ecosystem, the second member of GOSH ecosystem is already ready to be launch, will be announced soon and others SuperHeroes reward tokens will join the guild regularly.


GOSH Ecosystem will have its own marketplace where you can buy, swap, and sell yours SuperTRX NFTs

We will open the possibility to sell and swap your NFTs directly on our platform when we  reach 1000 SuperTRX NFTs minted. (More informations in SuperTRX NFT website)

Do not hesitate to offer your SuperTRX NFTs for sale on other recognized NFT marketplace in order to promote our collection to as many people as possible.

We aim to open our marketplace to other quality projects in the future and all of the funds raised by the costs incurred on sales of these NFTs will be invested in GOSH ecosystem.


GOSH Finder is a place where people can find new cryptocurrency projects, upcoming NFT collections and trending Crypto/NFT Influencers.

Owner of projects and crypto/NFT Influencers can list their projects/accounts. 

Listing is free, once applied the project instantly become visible in the appropriate section.

Owners of projects and Influencers will ask their communities to vote for them, most voted project will have ranking #1 in the appropriate section on our website.

Several ad units as well as a “Promoted Tokens”, “Promoted NFTs”, and “Promoted Influencers” are available for owners/influencers to promote their project/account.

Obviously, GOSHTRUST, SuperTRX and SUPERTRX NFT will be in the spotlight and in order to encourage as many projects/influencers as possible to ask their community to vote for them, we will offer weekly one free banner spot, one “promoted tokens” spot, one “promoted NFTs” spot and one “promoted influencers” spot on our site for a duration of one week to the most voted projects and influencers in the previous 7 days.

This will allow thousands or even millions of investors to know our existence.

We aim to create the most powerful network for crypto and nft projects and want to build long-term partnerships with various players in the crypto world such as investors groups, influencers, crypto/nft news sites, etc…

Part of funds raised with advertising in our platform will be reinjected into GOSH Ecosystem.


Our team is specialized in Smart Contract Audit and will find vulnerabilities or security issues in your blockchain project using manual and automated tests.

We provide Professional Audit & KYC Service to ensure Security and bring Trust into your project at an affordable price.

Part of funds received with the production of audits & development of smart contracts will be used to buy-back & burn $SPTRX and future tokens of the ecosystem.

Our Services:


GOSH Adventures will be an Endless Runner game where you can play to earn NFTs, $SPTRX and future tokens and NFTs of GOSH Ecosystem.

All you need to do is connect your wallet and click on PLAY to begin playing it !

Each superhero of GOSH ecosystem will have it’s own character in the game with it’s own story, maps, challenges and rewards.

Exclusive levels with superior rewards will be available for our GOSH NFTs holders, do not hesitate to be part of several or even all guilds in order to obtain the maximum rewards.

In order to attract the most people from all over the world, our game will be playable by everyone without the need to log in with a wallet.

Players will play to win our virtual token in order to exchange them with SuperTRX NFTs, future NFTs of GOSH Ecosystem, real gifts like amazon voucher, etc…

It will be possible for players to buy additonal lives, accessories, skins, maps, etc… using their $SPTRX tokens and several advertising spaces will be available for advertisers.

All funds raised with GOSH Adventures will be used to buy-back all tokens of GOSH Ecosystem and add it to reward pool or swapped for “real” gifts to non-holders players.


GOSH Launchpad is currently being developed and will soon (4-6 weeks) join our ecosystem on which future superheroes reward tokens of our ecosystem will be launched. 

To help even more the continous grow of all tokens of the GOSH Ecosystem, all funds raised from current tokens of the ecosystem will be burnt forever to make these tokens rarer and boost price in the long run.

We aim to open our launchpad to other projects who have successfully passed the KYC process from GOSH Trust.

Listing cost for projects will be 0.5 BNB in $SPTRX and future tokens of GOSH Ecosystem with free promoted spot in GOSH Finder for 1 week.

Unlike others recognized launch platform (DXsale, Pinksale, Etc …) who accepts any project and which keep 2% of the tokens offered in the presale in order to then resell them, we do not take any tokens from the presale.

GOSH Launchpad fees:

0 %
of funds raised during presale
0 %
of tokens offered for sale during presale

Other well-known Launchpad fees:

0 %
of funds received during presale
0 %
of tokens offered for sale during presale

Part of funds collected by using our platform will be used to buy-back & burn all tokens of GOSH Ecosystem.















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